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Drumright, OK

 Scream Country Haunted Forest has been thrilling visitors for the last
16 years. This year the new Curse of the Slender Man Haunted Trail and Hayride will scare you.  Those who gaze into the blank face of the Slender Man will spiral into certain madness. Desperate souls will try to save themselves by offering You to the Slender Man. Evil Dead the musical is also at Scream Country.

 Oct. 18-19,25-27-28 ,31, Nov 1-2.


Tulsa, OK

The Hex House is an intense multi-element, walk-through haunted attraction themed around a dark chapter in Tulsa's haunted past. What you will find is that you've been fully submerged in an altered reality that is much darker and less predictable than anything you've seen in the movies. As you make your way through the flickering hallways and eerie rooms of The Hex House (assuming you don't sprint out prematurely), you'll descend from mere creepiness into a full-on, intense nightmare that you won't soon forget.

Sept. 27-28. Oct. 3-5,10-12,17-19,23-27,30-31, Nov. 1-2.

Muskogee, OK

Ten Spooktacular Events! From NOT scary to REALLY, REALLY scary! The Castle at Muskogee is just a short 35-minute drive from Tulsa on the Muskogee Turnpike. For the most courageous souls, attractions includes a walk through the woods along the Trail of Blood; Casa Morte is a labyrinth through the 12th Century Castle; Domus Horrificus takes you to the areas where your favorite horror monsters dwell; don’t forget the Torture Chamber and the Ultimate Maze. For the little ones 8 years of age and under, we host Halloween Land – a kid-friendly carnival with a trick or treating zone, games, face painting and prizes. And don’t miss the new Pumpkin Kingdom pumpkin patch. The Halloween Village is for everyone and includes ghost stories, games, dancing and food and drinks.

Oct. 4-5,11-12,18-19,25-26,31 Nov. 1-2.

Sperry, OK

The Dark Ride begins with a journey through the haunted forest on a dark and mysterious path where you will board your Scareage that will take you on a thrilling haunted adventure that will leave you with a chilling experience as you encounter the ghostly creatures that roam the woods. THIS IS NOT A HAYRIDE!

Oct 4-5,11-12,16-19,24-26,31,Nov 1-2.

Bartlesville, OK

It's Halloween season again ghosts and ghouls, and Killing Frost Productions, LLC proudly presents "Tortured Souls" haunted trail 2012. This will be KFP's sixth season which will prove to be better than ever. Do you dare walk through 40 acres of secluded forest with creatures lurking around every corner? The trail takes ½ hour to walk through and has a lot of new scares in store.       

Oct 4-5,11-12,18-19,25-26,31, Nov 1-2.

Drumright, OK

You won't want to miss this hilarious live stage show that takes all the elements of the cult classic horror films, Evil Dead, Evil Dead2, and Army of Darkness and combines them to create one of the craziest theatrical experiences of all time. Rated R. At Scream Country!!!

 Oct 18-19,25-26.

 2 Different Haunt locations, Noble,OK and Lawton, OK

The Trail of Fear Scream Park, Oklahoma's Largest Haunted Attraction is back....bigger and better than ever before for our 15th year of TERROR! Located in Lawton and Noble, the Trail of Fear began as a single attraction in 1998 with a small tent and outdoor maze. Today the Trail of Fear is the largest haunted attraction in Oklahoma and is growing to be one of the top haunted attractions in the United States. The Trail of Fear consists of 4 main attractions- The Trail of Fear, Cirque de Morte, The Voodoo Bayou and The Crispy Family Carnival.

Lawton, OK Oct 4-5,11-12,17-20,24-27,31 Nov 1-2. Noble, OK Oct 11-12,18-19,24-27,31 Nov 1-2.

Oklahoma City, OK

The Sanctuary is a high quality, highly detailed Haunted Attraction with Hollywood Movie Style Set Design and State of the Art Special Effects unparalleled in the state. You'll experience walking through a living, breathing Horror Movie.

 Sept 28-29,Oct 4-5,11-12,18-19,25-26,30-31,Nov 1-2

Oklahoma City, OK

A Christmas Based Haunted House.

 Dec 13-14, 20-21

Wynnewood, OK

After 3 years of sleepless nights, the nightmare returns to exit 64 at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park. One of the funnest haunted zoos in the country the park will be set for visitors to tour the haunted park starting October 24th through the 31st from 7pm to 10pm. Cost will be $7.00 per person to go through the haunted park. All proceeds from the haunted park will go to help care for unwanted exotic animals housed at the park located in Wynnewood Oklahoma. Don't miss the fun.

Oct. 24-31.

Fort Worth, TX

Final Year of Hangman Haunted House!!!!!!!

In 2013, Hangman's House of Horrors will celebrate its 25th year as the top charity-benefiting haunted house in the nation! To date, the house has entertained over half a million victims and donated almost $2 million to local charities! In addition to the classic Hangman's House of Horrors tour (over half an hour long!), we have two side attractions: Outbreak! and 3-D Wonderland. We also have live bands, karaoke, a Euro-bungee, laser tag, festival activities, novelties, concessions and more! And parking is FREE at Hangman's!

Sep 20-21,27-28,Oct 4-5,11-12,18-19, 25-31,Nov 1-2.

Bedford, TX

This year Moxley Manor Haunted House returns for it’s 4th year of fear. The 2013 Haunted House season brings several new sets featuring more clowns, zombies and creepy dolls. Can you handle the fear that is to come?
Sept 13-14,20-21,27-28, Oct 4-6,11-13,17-20,23-31, Nov1-2.

Waxahachie, TX

Screams® offers a full night of chills, thrills and guaranteed moments of terror for one price. Screams® features 5 Haunted attractions which are all included in your admission price along with live music, Scary-Oke and roaming characters that may find you anywhere! Plus, we offer games, human-powered rides, food & drink, and much more.

 Sept 27-28 Oct 4-5,11-12,18-19,25-27.

Midlothian, TX

Tayman Graveyard is located in Midlothian Texas, a short drive south of Dallas and Fort Worth. Comprised of 4 haunted attractions and many themed areas, Tayman Graveyard provides a frightfully good time for all. With even more new attractions for the 2013 season, Tayman Graveyard will haunt your nightmares!

Sep 27-28, Oct 4-5,11-12,18-20, 25-27,31 Nov 1-2.

Aledo, TX

More than 30 years ago, the Milton Family Circus moved into an abandoned building. This place would become known as Milton's Manor, though there is nothing high-society about what goes on inside. A family of insane clowns, their faces caked with paint and gore, go about their grim business as interlopers pass through. A leathery witch stirs a drum of some arcane potion, and a demonic clown works over a butchered body cocooned in plastic wrap. The unholy entertainers maintain a museum of oddities, the displays stocked with fetid jars of teeth and a corn dog fried by the devil himself. Located just ten minutes west of downtown Ft. Worth, Texas on the Tarrant Parker county line

Sep 20-21,28 Oct 4-6,11-13,17-20, 23-31 Nov 1-2.

Irving, TX

It’s a must-see hour-long journey for anyone who loves an authentic thrilling scare – from hard-core thrill seekers to families and adults of all ages! Coming to Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus is like stepping on the set of a horror movie. You’ll come face to face with a host of freaky and unruly characters who are waiting to take you away to another world – one populated with misfits and eccentrics.

Sep 13-14,20-21,27-28 Oct 4-5,10-12,17-19, 21-26, 28-31 Nov 1-2


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